Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Blogs are funny things

When I first started blogging I ended up going from blog to blog reading about other peoples lives. Some blogs hook you right away while others sneak up a bit before hooking you.
I would find a blog that was fairly interesting or very interesting and add it to my favorites on the side bar of my computer. Then I learned I could just hit follow on their blog and read it that way.
So I hit follow on a few of the ones I read but I noticed that a lot didn't have that follow button. Or I just couldn't find it. Or they weren't on blogger.
I also found that I pretty much just read from my side bar. I would start at the first blog and work my way down to the last one.

A funny thing has happened though. I find I read some blogs just because I started reading them. I don't comment on them. I pretty much glaze by as I read. I suppose these are the ones you should remove from your list right?

Then there are those that you really enjoyed but they seem to have stopped blogging. They seem to have stopped without saying something like "hey, going on vacation" or something like that. How long do you wait before deleting them from your list?

And if I keep deleting blogs I read for those reasons pretty soon I will be down to about 4 LMAO ok... maybe a bit more then 4.

Also... have you caught yourself trolling your favorite blogs for their favorite blogs. The way I figure it if this person who I read is incredibly interesting the people they read must be interesting too.. Right?
Which then makes me think I need to put a blog list on the side of my blog but I am pretty much computer stupid and couldn't even figure out how to put a award on the side. So I just don't. Besides that list is not complete since I can't figure out for the life of me how to follow some of you.

Bottom line I guess is I need to remove some blogs I think but I want to add some blogs I think.....


  1. Get a "for dummies" book on how to use blogger. It'll tell you how to do all kinds of stuff like adding a "blog roll" and the award icon.

    I'm not terribly familiar with Blogger, but the reason I don't use it is because I found very NOT user friendly, when I first started blogging. Maybe a "for dummies" book would've helped me too. :)

  2. Oh Jody. It's not hard - just email me when you've got a question (or three) and I'll try to walk you through what I know. What I don't I'll look up and we'll learn together. We must be on the same "wave" today I was just thinking about a lot of our favorite blogs have intersections.

  3. Hey, I'm still here. I havent really blogged because I have had the flu. Still have it. Funny how the blog worries your mind even whenyou're sick. What if I lose followers? What if people get mad at me bcause I didn't blog one day blahblah I know its irrational, but hey it does happen. Just telling you I am still here!!! I'm just barfing at the moment. ;-)

  4. I know what you mean about this dilemma. That's why I like Google Reader. I've got so many more blogs there than I actively read. But it lest me just hang onto them without cluttering my blog sidebar with blogs that may not be active.

    Thanks for cruising by my SYTYCD post! I think you've convinced me to carry on with reviews.

  5. Agreed, it isnt hard. Whenever I cant figure something out (like html) I just google my question and it usually has a good answer. Or you can ask me :D

    I just deleted some of the blogs from my reader because I just skipped over them anyways. Might as well get them outta the way. I do that on facebook too, hide anything that Im not really interested in.

  6. I follow a ton of blogs and I really should put a few more favs on my blogroll but I never think of it when I have time.

    Some of the ones on my blogroll are my "roll bys" where I read but don't comment. I know it's wrong but I can't seem to stop.