Friday, October 30, 2009

My first ghost

It has been a while now since I saw my first ghost but the funny thing is I can remember every moment like it was yesterday. I can close my eyes and see exactly what happened.
I was living in this mobile home watching my uncle's children during the week while he worked in another city. He would come home for the weekends and take over the kids. It was a pretty good set up.
There was a wall in the living room. It had a mirror about a foot wide that went from ceiling to floor and then a piece of wall about a foot wide then another mirror, another piece of wall, another mirror. You get the idea. I am sure back in the day a lot of us had that mirror wood wall thing.
I was walking into the living room and turned to look at myself in the mirror. You know.. girl thing lol. About the third mirror portion I noticed that there was a man standing there just staring at me. I stopped dead and just stared at him. He was wearing work boots, blue jeans and a red pendleton. He was not see through. He was as solid as you or me.
I remember after first seeing him I started at the bottom. Looked at his boots, then his pants, then his shirt and then his head.
He was staring at me. However, where his eyes should have been was nothing but a kind of black void. It was just a fuzzy black area. I am not sure how to explain that better. Even though you couldn't see his eyes I was 100% aware that he was staring at me. I could feel him staring at me.
After a few seconds of shock. More like HOLY CRAP! THERE IS A MAN IN THE HOUSE! I flipped around to look at him face to face. There was no one there. He was gone.
I know what I saw that day. There is no doubt what so ever that it was a full body apparition.
I remember after turning around and him being gone I went into a panic mode. Running around the house looking for him. After all I had stood there looking at him for several minutes almost frozen. I remember sitting down on the floor in the living room and thinking about it after not finding anyone in the house.
It was funny but until I sat down on the floor I didn't think the whole no eye thing was odd. But sitting there on that floor and going back over those minutes in my head I realized that no eyes was not normal. That is when the hair stood up on my body.
I hadn't really felt fear of him. I had felt fear of a unknown man in the house but not fear of him. Does that make sense?

That day I became a believer in ghosts. A honest to god believer. How could you not after seeing that? Since then I have seen quite a few more ghosts. I have a feeling I will be seeing a lot more in my lifetime too. Turns out my Grandmother sees them too. The day I found that out I felt better. Like I wasn't a crazy person.
And no it is not like the Ghost Whisperer where they come up and chat with you...although that happened kind of once but not really. More like "oh look at that guy over there in the white shirt". What guy? Type of thing.

And yes it is perfectly fine if you think I am nuts. I KNOW what I see.


  1. I don't doubt you. I've seen some stuff I don't talk about much. Sober.

  2. I'm scared just reading about it.

    p.s. I like your blog.