Monday, October 26, 2009

This whole H1N1 freakout

Is there anyone else besides me who thinks this whole H1N1 crap is being blown out of proportion?
The media and government have people running around freaking out over this strand of flu. People think if they catch it they are going to die. I have news for you people the regular flu kills just as many if not more people every year.
Everyone was panicking when it started due to the media and now it is a national emergency. This is getting crazy.
No, I will not be getting a shot. No I don't think everyone should get a shot. Maybe the elderly and infants but regular people? No.
Besides why would I take a shot that has not even been approved yet? That has not gone through the regular lines of testing every other drug has. That was rushed through so people would feel better. Not me, thank you very much.
The way the media and government are describing this "pandemic" we all should have a immediate family member or close friend who has had this flu. Well do you? I don't. I seriously doubt I will either.
I prefer to save my panic for something that is actually flying across the nation wiping out hundreds of thousands as it goes. But panic over a flu because the media says I should.... No.
So far 1000 people have died from the swine flu. In 2008, during the flu seasons six months the "regular" flu season claimed lives of nearly 24,000 people.
All this H1N1 flu is another variation of the regular flu. We get a new variation every year.

Now don't get me wrong here. We should take precautions to not get the flu. (notice I said flu not H1N1 as they are the same thing) BUT we need not panic to the point the media seems to want us to. I worry that the media will freak the people out to the point of sanitizing our lives away.
What happens a year from now or several years from now if a really honest to god nasty bug comes along? All of these people who have run out every season to get this shot now have built up a tolerance to those drugs making the protection from the new horrible thing harder to come by. Or have sanitized themselves so much that they lose out on the "good" bacteria that might actually help them.

It actually pisses me off a bit. The media needs a muzzle. UGH


  1. i'm with ya 100%. and even if you do get it, it could be no big deal. my 9 year old cousin got it, and beyond the first day she felt good. just wasn't allowed in school b/c of the panic.

  2. I figure it's better for my body to fight off the actual flu, so I can handle the next one. No shot for me. Tho I hope I don't actually get it I'm not afraid of it.

  3. I agree. I HOPE that the media is blowing it out of proportion because it is starting to scare me. A little bit. Mostly though, the flu is scaring me. Because they ran out of the vaccines here in our town two days before our appointment to get them and I always get the vaccine because I have asthma and a history of Pneumonia. So getting sick is hard on my lungs.

  4. You are not the only one who feels this way...

    Am I the only one that thinks H1N1 looks like hiney. I definintely don't want that hiney flu!

    I never get the flu shot, and I never get the flu. Coincidence? I think not! :)

    Maybe it's the 8th seal.

  5. We lose thousands to the reg. flu every year (I think about 36,000 but I'm not googling tonight). I think we should panic later. Like when hineyflu deaths begin to exceed the regflu mortality rate.
    And yes, the media is out of hand. And the Government. And the Church. And the teenagers. I don't know how we got in this handbasket, but I know where we're going.

  6. Agreed! I just wrote about this yesterday! (before I read yours :D )