Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I broke into a house this weekend

No really I did!
In broad daylight!

OK so it was my neighbors house who happens to be my aunt but still she wasn't home!

Here's the story.

Sue gives me the key to her house so that I can let her dog Buster out to go potty and feed him while she is in Reno for the night. That morning she left on a bus. Around 11:00 I decide it has been long enough and the dog probably has to go outside. So I walk over and stick the key in the lock and nothing happens. I try again and still nothing.
Buster is inside barking his brains out at this point.
I turn to the garage door and put the key in and it opens. Oh crap she gave me the key to the garage and not to the house.

Now is when I start panicking a bit lol.

So I walk around the house checking windows and doors. Nothing. I go back home and tell my buddy Sazy what is happening. Since we were going to do something anyway she comes over.
We walk around the house looking at windows. We try the door. We try the sliding glass door. We notice the bathroom window opens about a inch but has a stick in it and a bunch of ceramic stuff on the shelf. We then walk around the front and see that her computer room window opens around 2 inches and it has a stick. We decide that we ARE getting in that house to let the poor dog out. That we WILL figure out how to get in a window with a stick in the track.
So we went in search of tools. The first thing we found was a arrow. We were able to reach in with our hand and we tried to get the arrow under the stick. After sweating and cussing no go. So we looked for something else. I found a grabber. You know one of those things that you squeeze and the tip closes. Something to help you grab something on a high shelf. No go. The dang thing just wouldn't work.
I should let you know at this point we are pretty frustrated. And we are looking over our shoulders waiting for the police to arrive. In fact it has been over an hour now.
I grabbed a little stick off the ground and stuck it through the window and noticed that it went through to the side with the stick. And I didn't have to have the window open all the way. So we started trying to figure out what was super skinny but super strong.
But the problem was I had changed all my coat hangers for the plastic ones. But I searched my entire house and found one in the honey's hunting closet.
We grabbed some wire clippers and went back over. At this point Buster is howling.
We bent the wire and poked and prodded and twisted and swore a lot. It just wasn't working. Our idea was to bend the wire at the end, hook it on the stick and pull it out. But the stupid stick was to far against the wall for us to put the coat hanger in.
We are now at around the 2 1/2 hour mark.

You ever have something like a burst of lightning happen. Where you go "I KNOW WHAT TO DO!"
We had that.
We pretty much incorporated what we had done and used the coat hanger and the arrow and that stick popped right out of the track. We could totally do that in 2 minutes now by the way.
I climbed through the window and let Buster outside.
Sazy and I helped ourselves to some Halloween candy. I think we deserved it, don't you?

Here is something you should know though. If you have a stick in your window make sure that you can only open that window LESS THEN an inch. Anything more then that someone can get in your window with ease. (Well once they learn how lol)


I have decided what my Halloween costume is going to be this year.


A burglar LMAO


  1. No more wire hangers!

    Is it disturbing that none of the neighbors questioned this illegal activity?

  2. It is pretty disturbing actually. Not one person looked at us funny and we never were facing the street. In fact we were almost in plain view of the street!

    And.... I think I am actually going to go buy a couple wire hangers. They seem to be incredibly useful at times lol

  3. Oh Jody! How funny!! I've been in a similar situation once. Had to get the neighbor kid (whom I never met) to crawl through the window. AND it was in the first week of a new job! Wasn't funny at the time...but now hilarious. And it is very disturbing why the neighbors aren't questioning the activity......

  4. And that's why I lock my windows. LOL! No really in this instance it was really a blessing in disguise.

    {BTW it is a pole but in my office, which happens to be the basement part of my Dad's house. I work for him & he converted part of the basement for me. My hubs only wishes we had a pole at my house.}

  5. hahahaha!!! That is hilarious!! i was totally waiting for the part of "so then the cops show up" lol