Wednesday, October 28, 2009

This funk has got to go!

Seriously people this is getting stupid.

I realized yesterday as I never had time to post my blog that I was moping along through my days.
Hell I have even stopped getting dressed unless I needed to go to the grocery store.
So yesterday I planned on a blog post but first I needed to put laundry in the washer. Then I needed to wash a few dishes. Then I needed to play games on facebook. Then I needed to read blogs. Then I needed to get dressed to go to the store. Did I shower? No. I just put my hair up in a ponytail and left. Before I knew it it was time for the honey to get home and I hadn't posted. So I didn't.
This is not normal for me.
I am a get up in the morning, take a shower, put on make up type of girl. I bet in the last week I have put on make up once.

Yesterday I put out my tombstones on the front yard. Hmmm or was that the day before yesterday? Anywhoooo... it was actually a chore. That was a huge red flag for me.
I am a Halloween addict. I LOVE Halloween. I live for the days of decorating. Yet, it was a chore this year.
I even walked back in the house and thought OH CRAP because I had forgot to put the sticky decals on the window. With a big old huff I walked back outside and put them on. Have I mentioned that I liked my Halloween costume idea but now I hate it?

Where is my damn motivation at? Where is HAPPY Jody at? Geez this is awful.

I have a friend coming over on Halloween and I find myself thinking what the hell are we going to do. And I love her! Halloween is suppose to be fun here people. I need a slap upside my head or something.

I also have a relative of the honey's who I am talking to on facebook. We really just have met twice at Christmas parties. She wants to meet me for coffee today. I said yes but let me tell you right now I have no desire what so ever to leave the house. That tells me I HAVE to leave this house. So like I said I said yes. That meant I actually had to get up and shower. Doesn't that sound horrible! I had to shower. *rolls eyes.
And is it horrible that I keep hoping she will cancel?
It is horrible! I need friends! GEEZ


I have to bitch about the job market. You know it really sucks that employers are taking advantage of the amount of people who are unemployed right now. They know that they can get people for cheap. So an office manager job that would normally go for around $20 an hour is being offered for $12.
I sit at my computer and send out resume after resume. But I swear to you as I hit send I figure BYE BYE nothing is going to happen with that one either.
Horrible attitude.

So I have got to get out of this funk. Seriously this is crazy. I am an upbeat type of person and I feel ..... umm.... abnormal.

I guess I should put on make up to go to coffee. Sigh


  1. Oh no!! Do you think you are fighting a bit of depression? Or do you think it is because of the job search being such a bear? Email me...

  2. Sounds a lot like depression. Maybe you are discouraged from the job search being so stupid. I know. I've been there. It's hard.

    And you are SO right about companies using the unemployed rate to their advantage and that is just wrong. My present job? Should be making about $24 an hour and I'm making less than half. A job is a job and at least I have one... I keep telling myself.

  3. I hear ya! And you know, I know how it feels.

    Just fight! Keep pushing forward. You have to take control of it or else it'll take control of you. I know you can beat this!

    Sorry about the job search, I know that sucks a lot and can be very stressful!

  4. OMG I feel this way too! It is so discouraging! I send my resume out DAILY!!! No calls, NO NOTHING, it definitely puts you in a rut. Keep on trying and go get some coffee with a friend :)