Monday, October 12, 2009

Had fun in Reno

We went this weekend for a surprise birthday party for the honey's brother. It turned out incredibly fun. However this weekend I drank enough and ate enough for the next two weeks.
I had started with a nice dark beer and somehow got talked into a beer sampler at the brewery we were at. No one told me they made 15 different beers. Or that the samples came in juice glasses.
See, I don't drink. Well that isn't quite right. I drink probably about 3-5 times a year. New years eve. Grandma's house glass of wine with cards. Grandmas bottle of champagne. A random bottle of wine. It is all pretty random and really really rare. In fact one beer and I can feel tipsy.
So there I was with a finished huge glass of dark beer and 15 juice cups filled with different beers. I drank them all except three. One tasted like smoke Blick, One tasted like perfume blick and one tasted like flowers, blick. Needless to say I was freaking hammered LMAO!
Add in two buffets, a huge lunch with cake and a ton of Kaluha and creams and this weekend was a success.
And yes..... I had a hangover and a half the next day.
I also walked into the casino with $20 and two days later walked out with $25. So I did well there too.

I still have quite a few blogs that I want to put up but I keep getting sidetracked. And now we are about to get a monster storm that is going to drop a ton of rain so I need to go get everything outside ready for that. Move the table under the awning. Pick up the dog crap. Try to get some of the pine needles off the roof. Move the BBQ. Just a bunch of stuff like that.
So I shall see you all tomorrow!
Soup for dinner yum!!

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  1. Sounds like you had a good time in "the biggest little city in the world."

    I'm skeptical about the "monster storm", but I read we're supposed to have hurricane force winds (60-70 miles per hour)... So why bother with the pine needles on the roof, they'll blow away on their own. ;)

    Good luck!