Thursday, October 15, 2009

Halloween oh Sweet Wonderful Magical Halloween

Ever since I was a child I was in love with Halloween. The magic of being able to run through the streets in my sweaty little costume with my brother holding pillowcases. The magic of going door to door and yelling Trick or Treat. The families all standing outside while the children went crazy. Pouring out the candy on the living room floor. Waiting while the adults picked through the candy looking for needles.... you know they were just taking their favorites and throwing away the iffy candy.
There was a sense of freedom that night. A sense of magic. What other night could you be something you really weren't.

I feel that children now are missing out on that. The mall does not offer the same feelings. In fact you are hard pressed to find children out on Halloween night any more. It makes me sad. I used to get 35 -50 kids on Halloween. I know this because I count them lol. Now I am lucky if I reach 10-15. It is kind of depressing.

As I got older I maintained the getting dressed up for Halloween. In fact in 41 years I haven't missed one. I have worn tons of costumes over the year. And I have made all of them minus one. (and the ones from when I was a child)
Over the years I have been many things and got many different comments.

For Example......

The cat in the hat. I had it all. The big hat, the bow, the white gloves... all of it. A small boy came to the door for candy. When I opened the door his eyes got huge and he turned to his father and said in a voice totally filled with awe. "DAD! The cat in the hat lives here". Those are the moments that make Halloween so very special.

Medusa: I spent days and days searching for snakes for my hair. I finally settled for those little toy skinny snakes. I braided my hair into about 40 different braids and weaved snakes through each braid. A father who came to the door looked at me and said "wow you are beautiful" before realizing what he had said and muttering sorry and looking down.

Drowned Mafia Victim : I had fun with this one. I got two cardboard boxes big enough to hold my feet and spray painted them with faux cement. I covered myself in seaweed and yucky bugs. I looked gross and drowned lol.

Black Widow Spider I actually took childrens black tights and stuffed them to make the legs. I sewed them onto a body suit and put fishing line between each leg to attach them to each other. That way when I lifted my arms all of my "arms" lifted at the same time. I cut out a red hourglass from felt and put it on my chest. But I wore black pants cause there was no way in hell I was prancing around in a body suit thank you very much.

Einstein I had so much fun with this one. I looked through Salvation Army type stores for a lab coat. I ratted my hair until it was HUGE and sprayed it grey. I put on a mustache that matched my hair. My own brother looked at me and said I looked like a man so much it freaked him out lol.

Little Bo Peep : This was a costume I bought. Obviously I thought I was fatter then I actually was because the costume was big. But it had a little hat and a staff. I bought slippers that were little lambs. I had great fun with that costume.

Baby : The most boring costume to date. As you can tell from most of the other costumes I try to do something a little off. But this year Halloween caught me off guard. So a baby it was lol.

I will post pictures of the last three as soon as my old coworker sends them to me.

This year Halloween is on a Saturday! WOO HOO!! I still haven't figured out my costume yet. I blame that on being in some kind of funk. But not to worry I will have a costume. I can't wait to watch Ghost Hunters and give out candy to children.

Sigh... I LOVE Halloween.

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  1. Those are some seriously awesome costumes. Especially since a lot were homemade! I might have to steal one of those ideas ;-)