Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Today I feel like a whiney Bitch

You know some days you just wake up and the world is not right. You feel a bit off. You don't want to do what you had planned. Actually you almost don't feel like doing anything. So I decided to just purge it all on here in hopes the mood would go away.

So.... warning.... bitching will take place

I am tired of not having a job. I am tired of looking every day and sending out resume after resume and not hearing a damn word. Not even a no thank you. It is really beginning to get to me. I know I am a good worker. I want to work. Can't someone out there give me a damn chance.
I know that right now is the worst time ever to be unemployed. Thousands of other people are unemployed too. So that means every job listing is hammered with resumes just like mine.
I am beginning to go a little stir crazy. I am beginning to worry about Christmas presents too. UGH

So yesterday the honey walks in as I am looking at my friend list on Facebook. I had just added a new relative of his and wanted to look at her profile. He loses his mind over the people in my list. Old coworker/friends (male) that I used to work with. Some of them for quite a few years. I tried explaining to him what Facebook is but all he saw was the "men" on my list. I tried explaining to him that is how I got my last job. By keeping in touch with people I used to work with. I tried to explain that his entire family is on my friends list and they can see everything I post. That he was more then welcome to sit down and read everything I ever posted. That I had nothing to hide. He refused to hear what I was saying and we ended up in a huge fight over nothing. UGH

Why can't the damn dogs learn to wipe their own stupid feet? I am so tired of them running around in the mud and then wanting to come back in. Who is on feet wiping duty. That would be me. UGH

So when we went to Reno this weekend for the first time ever we left the dogs at home. They are spoiled rotten and we kind of want to keep it that way. We decided to trust our neighbor who happens to be my aunt by marriage (for those of you who read from the beginning of this blog David's wife) to let the dogs out in the morning and in the house to sleep at night. Easy right? Only we come home to a pile of dog shit in the bathroom and a pile of catshit in the garage. This means only one thing. She didn't let the dogs out in the morning before 10am and she locked my poor cat Yeti in the garage for the day when she went to feed them. How hard is it to do simple things when you live next door? Guess it will be back to driving them to grandma's three hours away if we go away again. UGH

I need more cash then I am getting from unemployment. How can I pay my bills and pay back the money I owe to two people if I don't even get enough to cover the damn bills and grocery shopping? I guess I am more worried about paying back the two people then anything. I don't want to get behind. I was all ready there and my god I was this freaking close to being 100% debt free when I lost my job. Do you have any idea how exciting it was to TASTE the debt free life? Only to lose my job and get paranoid all over again? UGH

Can I also add how freaking frustrating it is to buy a book that the blurb on the back makes it sound great yet you can't even get through the first or second chapter without wanting to fall asleep or wash dishes? UGH

You know the sad part? That is if you are still with me here lol. The sad part is I don't even have PMS and I am this bitchy. Sigh.
Don't forget So You Think You can dance is on tonight. WATCH IT lol


  1. I like hearing other people bitch. It reminds me that Im not the only one :D

  2. Jody . . . we are all allowed to be a whiney bitch once in a while. That is allowed because we are women! Because sometimes (okay, a lot of the times!) life sucks when you are a woman. Things will get better soon. I promise.

  3. life sucks sometimes. a lot. and its not just hormones that make us crabby. *hugs*

  4. Sounds like you have a lot going on though... so bitchy totally fits! My dogs do the same damn thing. EVERY DAY. Grrr