Thursday, October 29, 2009

So I did coffee today instead

I admit it. I blew off coffee yesterday. Turns out she was super busy so it worked for her.
But today she wasn't taking no for an answer lol.
At 11:30 we were to meet at Starbucks. I actually got scared as I pulled up. It was a strange sensation. Why the hell was I scared? It is not like she was a mean person or anything like that.
As she walked across the parking lot the fear went away. We went in and got our coffee and actually sat down outside for over 3 hours. In the shade. By the time we split up I couldn't feel my hands or my feet. I still can't.
Now because it is so late I need to rush around the house cleaning and cooking dinner so this is a very small short blog.
But tomorrow I have a spooky treat for you all. I was going to do it today but coffee and cold.... not enough time.

I am off to hold my hands over the stove burner or something. Seriously I am freaking COLD.


  1. I hate it when I have a day and I wait until the end to do everything. I hope you finally warmed up!

  2. Good for you - you HAVE to get out of the house; albeit somewhere warmer. Being cooped up in the house will do nothing to get rid of that funk! Stay busy.

  3. bout 80 here, today. a little cooler this evening

  4. Good for you! Better late than never :D