Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Getting to know me through TV

I thought it might be amusing to see if people can get to know me a little better through the tv shows I watch. And let me tell you right now I am a full fledged tv junkie.

The first show is Lost!

I have watched this from the beginning and let me tell you by now everyone is very confused LMAO. This is the last season so if you haven't watched don't bother. And it is my opinion that the long waits between shows killed this series.

Have you watched Heroes?

I love this show. Something about average people having some form of ability rocks my boat. I am liking the addition of the circus people this year.

How about So you think you can dance?

A friend of mine talked me into watching this for the first time last series. After watching the first show I was ready to smash my tv set every time Mary opened her mouth. But by the third show I think I loved Mary.
The contestants on this show can move. In fact half the time I am surprised they can do the things they do. I love this show!!!! You should watch it. They are just in Vegas right now so you haven't missed anything. Seriously turn on the tv and watch this!

And another of my favorites since the beginning is Ghost Hunters!!!!

They set out to debunk hauntings. That means when they actually do catch something real... it brings the hair on your arms to full attention. I love the cast of this. Jason, Grant, Tango and Steve. Yes there are two women but they kind of rub me the wrong way... ok so only one of them does but still. LOL. I can't wait until Halloween when they normally do a special where it is live ghost hunting.

And speaking of ghosts... Have you seen Ghost Whisperer?

This is another show I have watched from the beginning. It also has the ability to make me cry. A lot. I am not to sure about this season so far though. I think the introduction of the child was to abrupt for me. But I still love the show.

Now here is a foodie show that for some reason I just can't not watch lol. Iron chef america.

There is something exciting about watching this show. The challenge of cooking five complete dishes within one hour and not knowing in advance what you are cooking with. I love it!. There is an off shoot I am watching which is fun called the Next Iron Chef. It is great fun to see how they handle pressure.
Now I am not sure I actually want a new iron chef though... Well unless they get rid of one. Maybe Morimoto.

Then there is Survivor!

This is another show that I have watched from the beginning. It is fun to watch people get down and dirty. And Russell this year... wooo hoooo he is a big ass isn't he lol. Funny thing is I always tend to think they look better dirty. When the live show at the end happens I am always shocked at how ummm made up they look.

OH Bones! Have you seen Bones?

This show can get a bit cheesy but I love it. I wish Angela and Hodges had stayed together though sigh. The finale last year sucked bad though.

Well you guys get the idea right. There are a few more.... FlashForward for one.

By the way it is raining like a mad man here. I have a stopped up gutter that I have tried to unstop and got completely soaked in the process. I couldn't do it. It doesn't help that I am the biggest chicken when it comes to heights.


  1. Crikey, LOST lost me by season two. I followed the first season but then WTF kept popping in my head and I abandoned it. I LOVE Ghost Whisperer and Bones though. The cheesy parts are what keeps me hooked!

  2. Well, your taste in TV is certainly decent... ;)

    I had no desire to watch So You Think You Can Dance, and had a strong desire to NEVER watch Survivor. I'm not really all that fond of most reality television, although there are some obvious exceptions to that.

    I really enjoy Iron Chef America (Battle Berries this week-end was really fun!) although I sometimes skip it, depending on what the secret ingredient is. I'm also watching The Next Iron Chef, although, so far, it hasn't been nearly as good as it was the first series. (By the way, that's how Michael Symon became an Iron Chef, if you didn't already know that.)

    I watch Heroes and have from the beginning, but I must say it's seen better days. I don't like the fact that Peter lost all his abilities and now can only possess one ability at a time. Since Sylar has them all, Peter needs to be his equal again. I also hate that they killed Nathan off and found it very unbelievable the way they did it. When Noah was killed (shot in the eye) they injected him with Claire's blood and he was regenerated. Noah was there, and Claire was downstairs when they found Nathan's body. Why not do the same thing again, instead of "turning Sylar into Nathan." Stupid.

    Lost is great, I'm certainly intrigued to see what this season holds since they blew up a nuke...

    I like Ghost Whisperer a lot, but I HATE the theme. It CREEPS ME OUT!!! I watch the opening of the show with my finger on the fast forward button and the minute the screen goes dark and I hear those first notes of the theme, I fast forward over it.

    Bones looks good, and I like David Boreanez but I never have watched it.

    I watch way too much TV as it is!

    Oh, and so far I really like Flashfoward too!

  3. well i dont watch any of those except Iron Chef and The Next Iron Chef. I watched lost the first two seasons..and loved ..it but you are right ..it lost its appeal during such a long haitus

    Tried watching..So you think you can dance...Nope..not for me..

    I watch..The Office.. reruns of Frasier and Will and Grace and Seinfeld..Top Chef Hells Kitchen..Deadliest Catch..and you know..stuff you dont have to pay attention to but still get the gist...

    Now that baseball is over for me..I might just check out some of the shows you mentioned...

    Have a great day


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