Thursday, October 22, 2009


Things. There are so many things to say but none of them seem to go together lol.
So I present to you things that are going on right now.

Yesterday was the funeral for the woman across the street. The day before was the visitation. I made them two platters of food and brought it to them. I also went to the visitation a hour before it started so I could pay my respects but not interupt the family.
It is a little creepy to walk into a room with a coffin when you are all by yourself and there is nothing but that super sad music playing.
Where the hell do they get that music anyway? And who decides I want to compose funeral music?

I am a idiot. No really. Friday I went to fill out my unemployment paperwork so I could get my check and noticed that I was suppose to fill it out the Friday before. I was wondering why in the heck I was totally running out of money and having to dip into my savings.
On the other hand had I got my check when I was suppose to I would have been kicking some serious ass in the saving area. UGH lol

I have company coming this weekend. Actually I have someone coming who needs to borrow the bed. She will arrive on Friday at 7pm and leave Saturday morning before 9am. She lives in Nevada and has a wedding down here she wants to go to Saturday morning. Better then a hotel I guess.
This means cleaning the house like company is coming. Washing bedding twice. And taking her out to dinner.
Don't get me wrong I really really like her but it seems a lot of work for someone who is going to be sleeping.

I would like to blow up my shower doors. No really. I have scrubbed for probably 6 hours on those glass doors. I have used everything suggested to me. I have used x14, comet, vinager, baking soda, windex, bleach, wd40, blah blah blah blah.
I have almost got the doors clean. (wishful thinking) They have spots of clear. Which of course makes it look like you never clean the doors because now it is coated with spots.

Today I was going to put out my tombstones and other Halloween decorations. But I woke up and it is so damn gloomy outside. Dark like dusk. For some reason the whole motivation thing just kind of slipped away. Maybe later lol
I kind of need to hurry since Halloween is next week. Sigh.

I have been dying to turn on the heater in the evenings. I wake up cold. However, I pay the PG&E so I haven't. Does that make me a bad person LMAO!!! I have a hard enough time paying the bills that I have without my electric bill going up to $200.


There is a blog (GIGI'S Rambling) I read all the time that for some reason WILL NOT ALLOW ME TO COMMENT. I used to be able to comment.... I kinda miss commenting....

Hmmmmm can't think of anything else right now lol.


  1. Jody - is this a recent thing about not being able to comment?? Cause I just changed the layout and am still tweaking it!

    As for the shower doors have you tried straight vinegar? Or straight lemon juice?

  2. I tried twice today to comment. No go. And yes I tried straight vinegar and it did nothing but make me gag lol. I guess lemon is the next thing to try. At least it will smell good.
    Did you post a bunch of posts in two days or did I somehow miss 3 posts?

  3. Jody; yeah I've posted a lot lately. I can't get to the comments on there either. ::sigh:: I'll try to get it fixed as soon as I can, but we've got a game tonight, so we won't be home till late. If you want just put all your comments in an email! LOL.

  4. I tried to find an email address to tell you the comments weren't working.... but I couldn't that is why it ended up in my post lol

  5. Rats!! Thanks, I'll put that on my list to add to the layout. I had it on the old one. Try

    Also for your shower doors there's a product called CLR (I think??) usually found at Home Depot or somewhere like that. If the lemon juice doesn't do it, try that.

  6. Okay Jody - I put back the old template so hopefully that will clear up the comment thing until I have time to mess with it. Thanks for the heads up!

  7. I can't believe x14 didn't work. :(

  8. Hi Jody! :) I borrowed that foggy picture off of Google. This happened several years ago, and I have my own pictures but I have no clue where they are. They're packed up somewhere.

    Cemeteries fascinate me. More so the older, the better.

  9. PG&E are crooks! The bills these days are outrageous fir a neccessity you can't live without. I feel your pain!