Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sweet home..... errr why do I have so much to do!

Well I finally am home alone. After having grandma for 10 days it feels great to have quiet and no sense of having to do something to entertain someone. I miss her all ready though lol.

Grandma's kitty is missing. She lives up in the mountains so it doesn't look good. This is day 6. I spent some time putting up signs and looking for vultures and a cat while I was up at her house. Of course it was her favorite kitty. Sigh.

I came home to a messy house too. I guess that is to be expected but still UGH. I have washed three loads of laundry so far. I have a sink full of dishes to do. The cats room needs to be cleaned. The shower is gross. Anyone know how to get rid of soap scum. My arms are going to fall off pretty soon.
The honey bought a new knife set for the kitchen. I was pretty excited. Yes... I know I am sad that way but wooo hooo new knifes. Then he told me don't forget to wash them. UGH.

I actually wrote a list of things I want to blog about since I was going into blog withdrawl. I also spent a good part of the morning catching up on reading of blogs. I have one blog I may post tomorrow that will piss people off LMAO. Well... it might or not I have no idea. It is just something that has been bothering me.

Speaking of blogs I think I have this whole thing wrong. I have all the blogs I read in my favorites bar. Am I suppose to hit that little follow button instead. I guess I probably should in case this computer dies. Something for tomorrow! Click follow lol.

Something for today is grocery shopping. I have one scoop of coffee left and if I don't buy some soon I will end up a very NOT NICE person. I need my coffee.
Another thing for today is going back over the last few days of job postings and sending my resume out. I really need to find a job. Living on unemployment isn't quite working. And Christmas is coming. I need cash lol.

Well now I am all caught up with what I am doing and what I need to do. Look for a regular blog post tomorrow.


  1. I've heard several things for soap scum. Vinegar is the #1 and #2 would be to use your shampoo - the theory being that it removes the oils from your body, etc. Once you get it off - use some car wax on the walls (NOT THE FLOOR) and that should repel the soap scum. Repeat in about a year.

  2. Krud Kutter. Water soluble. I get the little bottle at Sherwin Williams. The Gallons @ Home Depot, or Lowes. It is sooo badass. Regular Krud Kutter, NOT the graffiti remover...that should be illegal.
    I totally get the blog withdrawal...

  3. Do you use google reader? It makes it so much easier to see who has a new entry. I love it!


  4. I was gonna tell you about Google Reader, but I see World of Weiners has beat me too it.

    You already have a google account, I think, because of this blog. One you establish the Google Reader set up you can add/follow as many blogs as you want and it will automatically add new posts for you. And it's web based so you don't have to worry about your computer dying and you lost your favorites!