Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I did it :)

Yesterday after writing my post I looked around and got frustrated. I decided the hell with it I am getting a tree. So I hopped in the honey's truck and drove down to Home Depot. I figured it was so late in the month I would just grab me a little three foot tree.
At least I would have a tree in my house!
So I walked into the store and looked at the little trees. None of them screamed take me home.
See I have this ummm system when looking for a tree. Pick one. Pick it up and smash it down onto the ground so all dead needles fall off and the tree fluffs up. Then twirl it around to see if it has any glaring bald spots or strange mutant branches sticking out somewhere it shouldn't be.
The whole time talking to the tree. "She's pretty"... "no, she isn't fat enough"... "Ooooo aren't you are pretty tree"
You get the idea.
After looking at all the different kinds of tiny trees I thought maybe I should just bite the bullet and go to the tree lot across the street. I started to walk back to the truck when it happened.
I saw the lady and her husband twirling this huge beautiful almost 7 foot tree. I stopped and watched them do my system.
Pick, smash, twirl
I must have looked like a goon standing there just staring at them and the trees.

And then my brain shut off.

The next thing I knew I was picking, smashing and twirling giant trees.

The next thing I knew I was carrying an almost 7 foot tree up to the counter while saying "isn't she a pretty tree. Such a good tree."

The next thing I knew I was driving home with the tree. Putting on a tree stand. Carrying the monstrosity into my home.

The next thing I knew I was stringing lights and putting out decorations.

The next thing I knew was it was beginning to look and smell a lot like Christmas.

I still need to finish putting up the ornaments and the outside decorations but the bathroom, computer room, living room, bedroom and kitchen all have decorations. My house smells like pine. There is a warmth that was seriously missing. My tree is beautiful.
Well minus a few bare spots and two, yes count them, two branches that are sticking out in a bizarre way. But hey it is hard to pick a tree by yourself lol. I think I have some scissors around here somewhere anyway. And some ornaments will fill the holes nicely.


  1. YES!!! :) I was a little worried about you there!!

  2. My Christmas tree is missing a topper and I can't find it anywhere but that won't stop me from loving it to death anyways.

    I'm happy you found ur Charlie Brown Christmas tree specially for you!

  3. (Darn Blackberry wouldn't let me comment!!! Anybody know what's up with that? I can comment on some blogs but not others!)

    ANYWAY - what I've been wanting to say for the last couple of hours....sometimes that's all it takes is that first step to get you started. Am glad you are finally getting into the spirit! And I'm sure the tree is beautiful!

  4. Hi,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment (I just love getting them!).
    Glad you found the tree that "spoke" to you. We have never gotten a real tree...maybe next year :)

  5. YAY! Happy Christmas! When can we see a picture?

  6. You bought it from HD!!! We thank you. :)