Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Dear House,



How is it possible that in the five days that I have been gone the entire house is disgusting?

I think I had to wade through a inch of dog and cat hair just in the living room alone.
My brown couch is white with fur from the cat.
There was kitty litter all over the house including the kitchen EWWWW
The covers were on the floor instead of on the bed.
The dishes that I washed were still in the dish drain but both sides of the sink were full of dirty dishes.
There is probably 5 loads of laundry to be done not including the load in the dryer and the load in the washer.
The cat obviously missed the litter box once.
The cat obviously jumped up onto the newly white couch to throw up a monster hairball.
And all of that I could probably of handled... sort of.


When I stepped in my shower last night I froze. I literally stood there with my mouth hanging open shuddering. I have never in my life ever seen my shower that dirty. It honestly looked like the floor of a nasty gas station bathroom on the walls in there. Mold. Black goo. Red goo. White goo.
I showered and still felt filthy after getting out of there.

How in the world did that happen? How can my house be this disgusting in that short of a amount of time? I cleaned the damn thing before I left.
And that shower. I have never in my life ever seen my shower look like that. Ever. How could it possibly look like that in five days? It doesn't seem possible that it could look like that. GROSS

I guess I have quite a bit of cleaning to do over the next few days.

Had a great time at grandma's for Christmas eve. Christmas was fun as Sazy arrived. And my birthday? We spent 10 hours in a casino LMAO!! I lost every bit of my birthday money.

Well I have tons of stuff to do and just a little time before the honey gets home.

I am so tempted to hire someone to clean that bathroom. I am afraid of it.

Talk to you all tomorrow.


  1. Was there an alien invasion while you were away?

    Toxic waste experimentation on the shower?

    Naughty critters with too much free reign?

    Thoughtless honies being super messy without concern for who cleaned?

    Umm... Um...

    Yeah, I'm out of ideas. But if you catch the culprate and they have opposable thumbs, I THINK SOME HELP IS IN ORDER!!! :)

  2. Welcome to my life. Except this is what I walk into after a mere 9 hours at work. My partner is a complete mess...and the kitties are, too. Oh, and my bonehead neighbor flooded my living room last night. Grrr...