Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It's the most Crazy time of the year

Yesterday I finished up the wrapping. I have a giant 50 inch tv (the honey's nephew's gift for his parents) and my grandmothers gift left to wrap. I baked like a mad woman. Cookies and orange cranberry bread. I got all my stuff ready to go to grandmas and I applied for about 6 jobs.
Yes, I am still applying even though it is the week before Christmas. I am hoping that some how some way maybe one of these people I have sent a resume to in the last month will call me after the first of the year. It honestly feels as if I have been out of work for a year. I know it has only been 5 months but that is 5 months to long if you ask me.
My news station was showing a group of people last night who are also out of work. Want to panic? Watch them document people who have been out of work since January and haven't heard a word either.
Not having a job is like being in hell. UGH!

Here are some of the decorations in my house. I still cannot for the life of me figure out how in the hell to shrink the pictures so if you want to see the whole thing you will need to click on them. (Please excuse the white fur on the rug. I have a giant white lab and a long haired white cat who shed like mad all day long)

You will notice the lack of ornaments on the bottom of the tree. With two indoor cats and a lab who has no idea she has a tail it is just easier to not add them then to have to pick them up every day.

And here is the outside

Now there are decorations in every room but that is the living room and outside.

Ok so now that I have had my kindle since the 3rd of this month and played with it a bit I feel a tad bit better in reviewing it.

It freaking ROCKS!!!!

I had 8 paperback books (had just went on a shopping spree right before it arrived) so I decided to do side by side. Read a book, read a kindle book, read a book, read a kindle book.

There is something to be said for each type. A paperback has a great hand feel. It is like an old friend. Easy to carry around. We all know how good a book feels in our hands so I don't need to go on and on.

Now for the kindle. There are a few pluses that an actual book doesn't have.
1. You can set it on the counter as you are cooking dinner (or any other activity) and read without having to hold it. The ability for it to lay flat without me having to resort to a salt shaker or some other item to hold it open is a great plus for me.
2. As soon as you turn it on it goes directly to where you left off in the book you are reading. (I know bookmarks or dog earred pages do the same thing but I find it cool)
3. No more CRAP this is the second in a series... in less then 60 seconds I can have the first book.
4. The battery life is wonderful. Like I said I got mine on the 3rd of this month. Charged it once. Have picked it up almost every day and STILL have 1/2 of my battery power. And it only takes about 5-10 minutes to give it a full charge.

In the mall the other day I picked up the Sony ebook just out of curiosity. Don't bother. It feels chinsy. And the buttons suck.

Sometimes however you do run across a new book that is not in kindle version yet. I just picked up the real book instead lol

The honey has decided to go to my grandmothers with me on the 24th. Which while being wonderful and nice kind of irritated me at the same time.
I like to have plans. I like to know my plans in advance. For him to switch back and forth really irritated me. Don't get me wrong I wanted him to go but he literally changed his mind 7 times in the last two weeks. So now instead of me driving up tomorrow I am going to drive up on the 24th (The day we are having Christmas) with him. It makes me feel like I don't get enough time with grandma. But then here comes my buddy Sazy saying she will take off Monday so we can play up there. (She will be driving me home)
I swear to you I hit the friend lottery when I met her online all those years ago.

OH!!!! Speaking of friend lottery. We totally picked a fight in Costco over the weekend. No I don't normally do that. But... well here is Sazy's description.....
Okay, I started it, Jody finished it.

We were walking to the front of the store with a cart load. Costco was packed of course. I was following Jody and a woman pushing a cart were behind me. She kept try to get around us and there was no room for her to get around us and she was pushing on me and pushing on me until I said to Jody:

Wait a minute and let this lady go by.....

Lady: Thank you.

....before she breaks my foot.

As she passes us she snots:

I wasn't going to break your foot!

Now she's in front and Jody says cheerfully:

That's okay, I'll break her foot.

So the lady stops and fixes Jody with an evil look, to which she puts her hand up and replies:

Yeah I said it. So?

How rude! says the lady and takes off.

The guy behind me says, She was being rude, not you guys.

Thank you, I tell him.

So that's all, but we laughed about picking a fight and not really getting it but we could have kicked her ass.

LMAO!!!! *twirls in my evil lady outfit.


  1. Jodi - if you are inserting the pictures using the blogger link thing - then once you upload the picture, if you click on it - you get a tiny little menu that says, small, medium, large (or something like that). If you really want to edit your pictures - download (for free) Windows Live Writer. It gives you more options for tweaking your pix and will then painlessly upload your post & pix.

    Great decorations by the way!

  2. LMAO!!! That soooo sounds like something I would do. I am always smart mouthing people in the stores. Well now I only do it sans baby. But either way. Potato/patatoe